Vertical committee


Depending on the priority of current issues Vertical Groups hold regular meetings, at least once a year. The solutions on technical issues are prepared under the form of ‘Recommendations for Use’ sheets which are submitted to the Horizontal Committee for approval. Like in the case of horizontal RfUs the vertical RfUs are then published on the European website.

Those ‘Recommendations for Use’ sheets published on this website reflect the status of vertical Recommendation for Use sheets following the Machinery Directive which are approved by the Horizontal Committee members.

When ‘Recommendation for Use’ sheets are approved by the Machinery Working Group they are published on the website:

Vertical Groups

VG 1 Woodworking machinery
VG 2 Meat machinery
VG 3 Presses for cold-working metals
VG 4 Injection or compression moulding machines
VG 5 Machines for underground work
VG 6  Householding waste collection skips
VG 8 Vehicle servicing lifts
VG 9 Lifting Persons Devices
VG 11 Safety components
VG 13 Full quality assurance
VG 14 Portable cartridge-operated fixing and other impact machinery